Do grace, Soi the lord of the storehouses of wisdom, the beautiful elephant-faced Shri Ganesh blesses

Motivational Quotes, Chaupai, Ramcharitmanas: Tulsi Baba has described the divine pastimes of Lord Shri Sitaram ji in a realistic form by directly experiencing his divine pastimes. Ganesh, Vishnu, Shiva, Shakti and Guru have been worshiped in the five Sorathas. By reciting this Manas Mantra regularly, all kinds of troubles in life are removed.

Jo sumirat siddhi hoi gun nayak kariber badan.
Karu Anugrah Soi Buddhi Rasi Subh Gun Sadan..1⁠..

By remembering those who fulfill and achieve all work and desires, who are the masters of Ganas and have the face of a beautiful elephant, may Shri Ganapati ji, the storehouse of wisdom and the abode of auspicious qualities, have mercy on me.

Silent Hoi Bachal, Paralyzed Giribar Gahan.
Jasu kripan so dayal dravau gross kali mal dahan ..2⁠..

By whose grace the mute becomes a speaker and one who has no legs climbs a big mountain, may the merciful Lord, who destroys all the sins of Kaliyuga, have mercy on me.

Neel Saroruh Siam Tarun Arun Barij Nayan .
Karu so mam ur dham sada chhirsagar syan .⁠.⁠3⁠.⁠.

Those who have dark complexions like a blue lotus, who have eyes like a new red lotus in full bloom and who always sleep in the ocean of milk, may Narayan Lord Shri Vishnu reside in my heart.

Kund indu sum deh uma raman karuna ayan.
Jahi din par neh karu kripa mardan mayan .⁠.⁠4⁠.⁠.

Those who have a body as bright as the flowers of the Kunda and the moon, who are the abode of Parvati ji’s beloved and mercy, and who have affection for the oppressed, may Lord Shiva, who consumes Kamadeva, have mercy on me.

Bandaun Guru Pad Kanj Kripa Sindhu Narup Hari Om.
Mahamoh Tama Punj Jasu Bachan Rabi Kar Nikar .⁠.⁠5⁠.⁠.

I bow to the lotus feet of Guru Maharaj ji, who is the ocean of grace and Shri Hari in human form. Whose words are like a group of rays of the sun to destroy the thick darkness of great attachment.

Knowing the depth of the mantra, do mantra siddhi, chant with a sincere heart

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