Do migrating birds see the earth’s magnetic field?

DECRYPTION – A protein found in the retina of robins is magneto-sensitive.

Who would have thought that the intricacies of quantum physics could play a fundamental role in the robin’s eye? Yet this is what P thinksr Peter Hore of the University of Oxford, who publishes in the journal Nature a study detailing the very specific functioning of a protein which could play a role in the migrations of the small bird.

Capable of traveling several thousand kilometers without a route error, migratory birds have always fascinated scientists who are still trying to unravel this mystery. Many hypotheses have been put forward to try to explain this incredible faculty of orientation, among which that of the perception of the terrestrial magnetic field. Some birds would be able to discern extremely fine variations of magnetic fields, and thus establish mental maps of their environment. But how? Perhaps thanks to photosensitive molecules, the cryptochromes, nested in the heart of their

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