Do not keep hand sanitizer in the car during the summer season, know the reason

Summer Self Care: The use of hand sanitizer has become very important to maintain hygiene and prevent corona. Especially after the arrival of corona, there is a need to use hand sanitizer hundreds of times a day. In such a situation, while traveling by car, you must have kept a hand sanitizer bottle in your car as well. It is also very important. But like the winter and rainy season, do not leave this vial inside the car in the summer season. Especially when you are parking your car under the open sky in bright sunlight.

First of all, clear the misconception that if the hand sanitizer is left in the car, it catches fire. But by doing this, your car definitely comes in the danger zone. Because due to heat, this sanitizer can spread in the vehicle. In such a situation, if there is a slight spark in the area around the vehicle, then it becomes very sensitive to catch fire.

Bottle can become a danger

In a notification issued by the United States Fire Brigade, it was said that any transparent bottle kept in your car, which is filled with transparent liquid, makes your car very sensitive to fire. Even if the bottle kept in your car is filled with water. This happens because of reflection. But when you leave the bottle of hand sanitizer in your car, the alcohol present in it increases the chances of an accident manifold. It was also said by the UK-based Western Lake Fire Brigade that it is important for all people to be aware of this so that accidents can be stopped before they happen. The use of hand sanitizer has increased a lot after Kovid, so it is important to have awareness among all people.

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