Do not make the mistake of feeding these children with the mistake of forgetting, may increase the problem of innocent people

The age of 1-3 is an important developmental period for children. After weaning, children start eating solid food. They still need advice from parents on what to feed the children and what not. Know that some food should never be fed to children.

Protect from nuts and seeds
Children feel hungry all the time because their fast growing body needs calories. Children can try to eat everything by watching their parents eat, without knowing what is safe for them. Nuts are not safe for children as there is a risk of asphyxia. Children’s teeth have not developed and will not be able to chew nuts or seeds. Their grasping tubes are also thin and can cause fatal blockages.

Spicy and Oily Food
It is advisable to gradually add spices in children’s food so that they can be provided with anti-oxidants. A dish with too much spices and chilies should be avoided. These foods can cause acid reflux, stomach irritation and digestive dysfunction.

Whole Vegetables and Fruits
Vegetables such as carrots, fruits such as grapes pose a risk of suffocation for children. Therefore, it is better to give well chopped and boiled carrots or other fruits that children can chew easily. In short, a large portion of foods should be avoided.

Gas Mixed Soft Drinks
These are not only non-healthy options for children but also for adults. The bacteria present in the tooth react with the excessive sugar of the gas mixed drinks and produce acids that damage the outer covering of the tooth. Frequent intake of soda can also cause dental caries.

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