Do not need expensive decoration items to decorate the house, make every corner of the house shine for less money

Diwali Home Decoration Ideas: Diwali is a festival of meeting and sharing happiness. Cleanliness is done in the houses on Diwali. There is a different enthusiasm among people regarding Diwali. There is a festive atmosphere in homes on this day. People look for new ideas to decorate and give a new look to the house on Diwali. There is an abundance of decoration items in the market. You will get expensive things one by one. In such a situation, if you want to give a new look to your house, but the budget is a little less, then we are giving you many such ideas by which you can give a great look to your house. You will not have to spend much for this. Here are some simple and cheap Diwali decoration ideas that can be useful to you.

1- Paper Lamp- You can buy paper lamps made of colored paper to cover diyas or candles on Diwali. These lamps will act as candle covers. If you want, you can also make them at home with colorful paper. Cut colored paper into a star, circle or any other design and give it a lamp-like shape. Now put it on a lamp or candle. This will give a great look to the house.

2- Glass bowls and glasses- You can use glass glasses and bowls used in the kitchen for decoration on Diwali. In this, you can put leaves of rose and marigold flowers and keep them in any corner by lighting floating candles or lamps. If you want, you can also keep it on the center table. These look very beautiful.

3- Rangoli- You can also make the house beautiful by making Rangoli on Diwali. Colorful Rangoli designs look very attractive. This is the cheapest and simplest way to decorate the house on Diwali. Nowadays, stencils for Rangoli are also available in the market. You can also decorate Rangoli with flowers and diyas.

4- Colorful diyas and candles- You can also use colorful diyas and candles to make the house beautiful on Diwali. These diyas are very cheap. If you want, you can bring plain diyas from the market and use them by coloring them. You can color them with any theme. If you want, you can also use colorful candles instead of diyas.

5- Light and Flower- Colorful lights are available on Diwali. This time you can apply fairy lights to give a slightly different look to your house. If you want, you can put these lights in the middle of the photo in any room or living room. Apart from this, you can also decorate the house with fresh flowers. Nowadays artificial flowers are also available in the market. With this you can give a new look to the house.

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