Do these measures for Lakshmi ji on Diwali, grace will remain, there will be no shortage of money

Diwali 2021: The festival of Diwali is celebrated on the new moon day of Kartik month. According to the Panchang, November 4, 2021, is on Thursday, Kartik Amavasya. Special worship of Lakshmi ji is done on this day. Lakshmi is that form of Adi Shakti, which provides material happiness to the world, that is, the presiding deity of splendor, prosperity, meaning, material, gems and metals is called Lakshmi. Seeing the wide sphere of influence of this goddess, it is said that Laksh guna resides with Lakshmi. Lakshmi ji is pleased by doing these measures on Diwali, what are these measures, let us know-

  1. Make a bundle by placing nagkesar, turmeric, betel nut, a coin, a piece of copper or a coin, rice in a new yellow cloth. Place this bundle in front of Shiva, worship it with incense lamp, then keep it anywhere in the vault. With this, Goddess Lakshmi gets pleased and removes financial troubles.
  2. Wrapping coconut in a bright red cloth and keeping it in the house increases wealth. Keeping it at the business place increases the business.
  3. After about 10 o’clock in the night, after retiring from all the work, sit on the yellow seat facing the north direction. Light nine lamps of mustard oil in front of you. Make a pile of red rice in front of this lamp, place a Sriyantra on it. Worship them also with kumkum, flowers, incense, lamp and after that worship them by making a swastika on a plate in front.
  4. Keep an empty urn on the post at night, make a swastika sign with pure saffron and fill it with water. After that place a small plate filled with rice on top of the Kalash. Install the Shriyantra over the rice, then light a four-faced lamp in front of the urn, worship with kumkum, rice and pray for attainment of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.
  5. Lakshmi always resides in the house of one who bathes regularly, wears clean clothes, eats fast food, offers flowers to the deities without smelling.
  6. Grind turmeric rice and make a swastika with its solution at the entrance of the house. It will get freedom from obstacles and attain Lakshmi.
  7. To get rid of money crisis, worship a goddess and offer cloves on the idol of that goddess every day at the time of worship. This will improve your financial condition.
  8. It is more profitable for the person who runs the shop. When you open the shop in the morning, before starting the work, if the picture of Lakshmi ji is saluted by showing incense lamps, then the number of customers increases a lot.
  9. In the house where the recitation of Srisukta is done daily, Lakshmi resides in that house.
  10. Worship the Shree Yantra by placing it in the place of worship and then placing it in a red cloth and installing it where you keep money, then there is continuous economic progress.

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