Do you also drink lassi after eating? Know its side effects

Side Effects of Drinking Lassi: Lassi is your favorite drink and even if you drink a glass of lassi before sleeping at night, then this habit can put you in trouble.

Too much sugar and full fat milk are used in lassi which will harm you. Drinking it in diabetic patients can cause a sudden increase in the sugar level. Know what are the side effects of Lassi-

high sodium intake

Drinking too much spice lassi and buttermilk affects the kidneys. Do not drink lassi if you already have any kidney related problem. Excess sodium content in the form of spices and salt present in lassi can increase kidney related problems. This also affects the blood pressure level of the body.

may gain weight

Most people like to drink lassi in the summer season, but full fat milk, sugar, salt and spices are used to make it, which affects your calorie intake. Due to this your weight can increase rapidly. Especially do not forget to drink lassi before sleeping.

Lassi contains protein, which makes it difficult for the body to digest it when you are sleepy. It would be better if you do not buy it from the market and make it at home. Prepare it with low fat milk and zero sugar or sugar alternatives. Drink lassi in breakfast. With this, the body will be able to digest it easily throughout the day. It will also help in managing the weight.

in skin problems

If you consume too much lassi, then skin problems can occur. If you already have eczema or any other skin problem, then do not drink lassi or buttermilk. This may increase your problem.

in cold and cough

Drinking lassi at night can lead to the problem of cold and flu. The effect of lassi is cooling, it promotes the process of making mucus in the body. Mucus can lead to phlegm, body pain, congestion and fever. At the same time, there is also a risk of developing respiratory problems such as asthma.

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