Do you also make this mistake while eating fruits? will not get enough nutrition

There are such nutrients found in seasonal fruits, which make the body healthy and strong. One must eat 1-2 fruits daily. Especially in summer you should increase the intake of fruits. Eating fruits not only strengthens immunity, but also keeps the stomach, digestion, skin and hair healthy. Vitamins and minerals are rich in fruits. Fruits also help a lot in weight loss. People who are dieting should consume more and more fruits. However, to get the full nutrition of fruits, it is very important for you to know the right way to eat fruits. Some people make such mistakes while eating fruits due to which the body does not get the full nutrients of fruits. Know what mistakes you should avoid in eating fruits. 

1- Do not cut fruits for a long time- Some people cut fruits long before eating take. Office-goers carry cut fruits in tiffins. Some people keep the fruit cut in the morning itself, but doing so destroys the nutrients of the fruit. By this you will not get the full benefit of eating fruits. Cut fruits and eat them at the same time when you want to eat them. destroys nutrients. Even if you are eating by making a fruit salad, do not put too much salt on the fruits. Due to this, the natural test of fruits also ends and the extra sodium reaches your body.  

3- Do not eat fruits after peeling- There are some fruits like mango, banana, papaya pomegranate which are eaten after removing the peel. Apart from this, fruits like apple and guava should be eaten only with the peel. 

4- Do not eat citrus fruits with milk, coffee-tea- if you eat sour fruits. If consumed, keep in mind that do not eat them with tea, milk or coffee. Some people eat fruit salad with coffee which can give you skin allergies. With such a habit, you may have stomach problems, digestion problems. Try not to eat citrus fruits on an empty stomach.

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