Do you drink too much coffee throughout the day? Know the side effects of favorite drink

Do you want coffee first thing in the morning? Do you like to have coffee with friends? Are you addicted to coffee when stressed? These are some of the questions that we experience on the next day. But if you are addicted to coffee, then its side effects must be known.

Coffee is one of the commonly consumed drinks. It is liked by everyone. For some people it is a great drink to start the day, then some use it in the evening. Many people drink many cups of coffee during the day. Coffee is rich in caffeine. In the case of excessive drinking, it causes harm to your overall health in many ways.

Caffeine-filled side effects
Many research has shown that too much caffeine affects your ability to sleep. You are at risk of developing insomnia (insomnia). Reducing the amount of caffeine intake daily can help ensure better sleep. Also, drinking coffee should be avoided before going to bed.

Drives anxiety
Caffeine affects your hormones and increases reflexes. An overdose of caffeine can cause anxiety. Healthy diet and lifestyle can help in increasing overall mental health. Meditation and regular exercise in this regard are helpful in controlling the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Causes digestive problems
Too much caffeine in your diet can affect digestion. Some people may feel constipated or have a bloated stomach. You can turn to caffeine-free herbal tea and enjoy many benefits.

Affects blood pressure
People with hypertension are often advised to limit caffeine intake as it can worsen the condition. According to research, excessive use of caffeine can increase blood pressure. However, the effect is temporary.

Leaves you tired
Caffeinated drinks can make you feel energetic for a while. But after some time it leaves you tired. Inappropriate sleep due to high caffeine intake can also cause fatigue throughout the day. You can try to reduce caffeine intake every day and adopt shake, herbal as an alternative.

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