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Wedge the bubble (speculative)

Stranded assets, price elasticity, negative externalities… Do these economic concepts leave you frozen in the middle of summer? Economic alternatives Makes them digestible with a special issue which decodes, in text and comics, the “gibberish of economists”. Thanks to these notules which peck each other, we see it a little more clearly, through the eyes of authors not fond of liberalism.

“The eco blows bubbles”, special issue n ° 123, € 15

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Decipher the Lebanese Crisis

On August 4, 2020, a double explosion in the port of Beirut caused more than 200 deaths and thousands of injuries. A year later, the country is still embroiled in an endless economic and political crisis. In his video Explain to me … Lebanon, Pascal Boniface, geopolitologist and director of Iris (Institute of International and Strategic Relations), clearly explains how this country long considered a haven of peace, where young people are so well trained, got there. “We can only hope that the mobilization (which started in 2019, Editor’s note) expand to see the emergence of a new Lebanon ”, he concludes, on a note of hope. (Read also p. 30)

13 minutes

Listen to the city

“We all arrived at the same time, we were the same age, all immigrants. We had different colors but for me we were all French, all the same. “ At the microphone of Seham Boutata for Arte Radio, they tell about Paganini, their city of the 1980s in a popular district of Paris. That of football games in front of buildings, tags and chess tournaments with the old people in the area. That of mothers who shout from the window that they are making too much noise. The one they love, squat, defend. In the podcast The City of Men, their children’s laughter makes you want to smile, on the catchy notes of the Campanella, by Paganini.

15 minutes

Develop the territories of the future

The health crisis is shaking up our lifestyles: less travel, more digital and, for some, desires elsewhere … The ministry in charge of housing is leading a consultation until August 15 to collect the experiences and ideas born during these months in which our daily lives have been transformed. Housing, transport, consumption… what has changed? What is desirable? The avenues opened up by this questionnaire will be explored at the start of the school year during workshops conducted with a panel of volunteer citizens.

Consultation on

19 minutes

Remember the Roma

August 2 is the European Day of Commemoration of the Genocide of the Roma. In a short documentary, historians return to the history of the persecutions of these peoples in Europe, from the first discrimination to their extermination by Nazi Germany during World War II. Like all the videos on the Réalisons l’Europe channel, this documentary was made by third-year students led by their history teacher, as part of an educational project aimed at forging their civic and European awareness. An accessible language, therefore, to tell adolescents and their parents this dark page of history.

1 hour

Keep the kids busy

Is your little one brimming with energy? The “Exhausted Team” has gathered in a work nearly 80 activities to occupy it. There is something for all ages and for all seasons, at home and in the garden. If you want to watch your cherub make a fan out of ice cream sticks or help him make his own toothpaste, the Activity book (Webedia Books, 115 p., € 11.99) is your friend. Find the book, but also a blog and videos to stop being a (grand-) “exhausted parent” on the site:

An evening

Test the pedal cine

Until August 21, you can live an astonishing “bike-propelled” cinema experience in 13 cities located between Paris and Mont-Saint-Michel. Short films around the themes of biodiversity and foreign culture will be screened… thanks to the pedaling of the spectators! Each screening will be followed by a meeting and various activities, between tastings of local products, street theater and guided walks.

Program on

93 minutes

Understanding the New Chinese Emperor

He looks good-natured and we don’t know much about him. In reality, Xi Jinping is a formidable leader, ready to do anything to make China the world’s leading power. By director Sophie Lepault, this fascinating portrait of the Chinese leader, who has become president for life, shows how his personal and family itinerary shaped his choices. A concentration of power unprecedented since the end of the Maoist era in the service of a worrying strategic expansionism.

Xi Jinping’s world on


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