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5 minutes

Take the temperature of Paris

Do you know where the coolest point in the capital is? The least noisy? The least polluted? The territorial diagnosis of the local urban plan (PLU), drawn up by the Parisian urban planning workshop (Apur), makes it possible to visualize all this information thanks to an interactive map. All you have to do is click on a district to know the level of income of the inhabitants, the history of the district, the population density, the profile of the households, the biodiversity reservoirs or the heat islands and the noise pollution. scale of a plot. A wealth of information that we would like to see generalized in other cities. (keyword: diagnostic)

17 mins and 5 s

Let yourself be challenged after the attacks

While the civil parties are heard in the context of the trial of the attacks of November 13, 2015 since September 28, The cross met Florence Ancellin, whose daughter was killed at the Bataclan. She testifies in a video of her relationship to the Christian religion after the attacks. How does such a drama shake up faith? What place for forgiveness? An interview that upsets and challenges.

20 minutes

Measure the extent of tax evasion

The Pandora Papers scandal, revealed by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, once again sheds light on tax evasion. The NGO Oxfam, committed against inequalities, offers on its site a digital book to understand the extent of this phenomenon. We discover in particular that in the world, countries lose 427 billion dollars in annual taxes because of tax evasion and that in France it is each year the equivalent of the national education budget that is lost. fly away … (keyword: evasion)

22 minutes

Land on the planet TikTok

Why do many middle and high school kids spend hours on TikTok watching one-minute videos scroll by other teens dancing or baking cookies?

Little Miss TikTok, an Arte Radio podcast directed by Judith Duportail, provides an initial answer. The niece of the producer tells in her words how she feels less alone and is inspired by the lives of other girls who seem to her “Perfect”. Behind his childish voice, we understand how teenagers’ addiction, their complexes, but also their digital creativity are born. (keyword: tiktok)

55 mn and 58 s

Walk the Lebanese streets under the revolution

On October 17, 2019, thousands of Lebanese took to the streets to protest against a corrupt political system. Lebanon. The revolution is born from the bowels of sorrow plunges us into the heart of these events by following three young leaders for nearly a year. Between exaltation and tension, the revolution does not weaken … because as one of the protagonists says, “In Lebanon, misfortune unites the people”.

2 hours

Be on your plate

Why are those who produce also those who are hungry? How to get out of the current food model? Can the choices here improve life there? These subjects, and many others just as invigorating, are addressed in the nine documentary films offered from October 15 to November 30 by the Alimenterre festival, which promotes sustainable and united food. Screenings and debates are planned online and all over France to create a better world together.

3 hours

Push open the doors

This weekend, the National Days of Architecture offer the opportunity to discover secret places, to visit construction sites, to take a different look at the buildings that surround us. This year’s theme, “Living together”, allows for a guided tour of the artists’ retirement home in Seine-et-Marne, a guided walk through the Bel-Air city of Marseille, a look back at twenty years of participatory housing in Strasbourg, a workshop on the place of teenagers in the city in Vaulx-en-Velin…

100 x 10 minutes

Take a walk in the ecology

A fad, ecology? Nay! A beautiful book published at the end of September retraces nothing less than “Three centuries of debates and fights”. A history of environmental struggles underlines the extent to which “modernity” has always had to deal with environmental protection. In 1824, in Great Britain, the first society for the protection of animals. In 1888, in Spain, 200 died in the repression of a demonstration against mining pollution. In 1957, the first alerts on the invasion of plastic. We are happy to walk through this perspective created by four historians, divided into short chapters illustrated with a very extensive iconography: posters, photos, newspaper headlines …

By Anne-Claude Ambroise-Rendu, Steve Hagimont, Charles-François Mathis and Alexis Vrignon. Textual, 304 p., 45 €

A weekend

Immerse yourself in the history of the Basque Country

Bittori returns to her village, where her husband died, assassinated by ETA, the Basque independence organization responsible for the deaths of more than 800 people between 1968 and 2011. She meets Miren, her former friend, there. whose son was imprisoned for joining the armed struggle. At the scale of a village, the novel Patria, by Fernando Aramburu, tells how this now almost forgotten conflict tore the Basque country apart and left its mark on its inhabitants. Published in 2016, this poignant novel was a great success and received several awards in Spain. To read, or re-read, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the announcement of the end of the armed activity of ETA, on October 20.

Translated from the Spanish by Claude Bleton, Actes Sud, 624 p., 25 €


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