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Play collective

The NGO Vision du Monde, specialist in the sponsorship of vulnerable children in Africa, Latin America and Asia, is taking advantage of the imminence of Valentine’s Day to launch an online solidarity raffle. Night in a hotel, dinner in a restaurant, yoga sessions, beauty products… many prizes are offered by the partners of the association, for the benefit of actions in favor of underprivileged children. The ticket is 5 €, for a draw on February 14. Winning ticket for children! (keyword: raffle)

10 minutes

“Twit” positive

Propagation of false news, dialogue of the deaf, online harassment… Do so-called social networks despair you? Then take a look at the #FeelGoodTwittosphere. This “hashtag”, proposed by the Observatory of the positive, relays on the Twitter network the initiatives of media, associations, individuals who, rather than pouring out their bile, have chosen to focus on information positive. A good start to building your own “optimistosphere”. Don’t forget to put The Cross The Weekly !

Twitter @feelgood2021

11 minutes

Understand the tensions in Ukraine

Should we fear a war at the gates of Europe, when Russia has deployed more than a hundred thousand soldiers on the Ukrainian border and several countries have announced that they are delivering arms to Ukraine? To see more clearly in a long-standing conflict where cultural, military and economic issues mingle, the Arte program “The underside of the cards” received Tatiana Kastoueva-Jean, specialist in Russia, last December. In a clear and concise interview, the researcher discusses the recent history of Ukraine, the opposition surrounding its rapprochement with NATO and the likelihood of an invasion of the country by Vladimir Putin. (keyword: ukraine)

20 minutes

Make the walls, not the war

This Sunday, January 30 will mark the 50and anniversary of the infamous Domhnach na Fola in Gaelic, bloody sunday in English, one of the murderous episodes of the conflictual history that scarred Northern Ireland from 1969 to 1998. This “Bloody Sunday” during which 28 Catholic demonstrators were killed by the bullets of the British army in the district of Bogside, in Derry, has inspired many artists, musicians (John Lennon, Wings, U2), filmmakers (including the superb bloody sunday by Paul Greengrass in 2002) but also graffiti painters, heirs to a long tradition where the mural fresco (murals, in English) is as much a means of marking one’s territory as of expressing one’s identity. A “war of the walls” to discover in words, sounds and images on France Culture.

45 minutes

Lead the policy of laughter

In the United States of the Republic, the presidential election is won by a coconut (with a bow tie). “I feel strangely relieved, actually”, comments a viewer. From this absurd starting point, the always hairy Marc Dubuisson (@unpied on Instagram) unrolls in comics the political daily life of an imaginary society, between press conferences, televised debates and discussions of counters which sometimes resemble each other strangely, and are reminiscent of a very real society that is close to us. Something to keep smiling in the upcoming campaign!

The President is a coconut, Delcourt, 128 p., €11.95

50 minutes

Hear from young believers

Christians, Muslims, Jews or on a spiritual quest, seven young adults aged 19 to 25 confide in their search for meaning and what faith brings them. The camera accompanies them as they live their faith on a daily basis, observes them discussing with their friends or their family and collects their questions: How to defend themselves against prejudice? Find your place in the Catholic Church when you are homosexual? Getting married when we are of different faiths? This intimate documentary does not claim to give an answer, but invites you to lend a tender ear to your neighbor. (keyword: believe)

1 hour

Follow the history of insult in politics

Would Emmanuel Macron’s outing to the unvaccinated be part of a French tradition? Rather than rekindling the controversy, let’s take a step back thanks to the historian Thomas Bouchet, who will speak at the Collège de France on January 31 about public insult in France in the 19th century.and century to the present day, and what it says about political confrontation. The seminar, with free access on site, will be broadcast on video on the Collège de France website a few days later. It will thus join the colossal sum of filmed lessons and conferences available for free on the platform!

Seminar “From stands to platforms: circulation of insults in France since the 19th centuryand century”, Monday January 31 at 2 p.m.

A few days

Question the place of work

Professional life, however exciting it may be, sometimes has the annoying tendency to compete with personal life: romantic relationships, life as a couple, family moments… How to find the right balance? The Jesuit spiritual center of Manrèse, near Paris, tackles this thorny question via a ten-week course framed by two days on site. In Brittany, we are also looking at the professional world with sessions on burnout set up by the Jesuit spiritual center Penboc’h. In Belgium, the Ignatian spiritual center La Pairelle also offers a retreat to “rediscover the meaning of one’s work”.,, csilapairelle.b


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