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Follow furry kids

Pico Bogue, his sister Ana Ana and his band of shaggy cuddly toys are comic book characters as cute as they are impertinent. Featured in many tasty albums for children and adults (edited by Dargaud), they are also revealed on social networks, where you can discover some of their disconcerting replies. Follow Alexis Dormal, who created the characters with his screenwriter mother. The tone and line will certainly seduce you!

On Facebook @alexis.dormal.artist and Instagram @alexisdormal

13 minutes

Listen to MPs confide

What do the former Minister of French Polynesia Nicole Sanquer, the Lorraine farmer Dominique Potier and the Franco-Rwandan Hervé Berville have in common? They sat on the benches of the National Assembly and are among the deputies who confided in Clément Méric and Marion Becker, journalists confessors of “Émois et moi” on the LCP channel. Intimate interviews to remind us, if necessary before the legislative elections of June 12 and 19, the meaning of commitment.

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15 minutes

Walk in the footsteps of a fixer

More than a translator, endowed with a perfect knowledge of his country, the fixer helps journalists abroad to find the right contacts and to be in the right place at the right time. They put themselves in danger, yet their name is rarely mentioned. Igor Zakharenko in Ukraine, Bakhtiyar Haddad in Iraq, Parfait Bako in Burkina Faso: through these three emblematic audio portraits, “Fixer, the eyes and ears of the reporter” tells their job and the relationship of trust or even friendship that binds them to the reporter they assist. And explain why these “journalists at heart” act: to bring out the truth and so that, beyond the raging conflict, the world knows their country better. Bakhtiyar will lose his life in 2017 during the battle of Mosul. Igor Zakharenko risks it every day. An exceptional podcast which received the “Investigation and reportage” prize at the International Journalism Conference in Tours on May 12.

“Mechanics of journalism”, season 9, on and podcast platforms

16 minutes

Ascend to the British throne

June 2 marks the 70th anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II of England, a record for the British crown. On this occasion, RTL plunges us into the romantic life of “The Queen”. From his birth to his accession to the throne in 1952, through his meeting with Prince Philip, this podcast reveals many little-known anecdotes. Elizabeth II, for example, has neither license nor passport! On the other hand, it has 800,000 works of art, the largest collection in the world, thus surpassing the Louvre Museum! Above all, she would be very joking in private… We take our best hat off to her!

“Elizabeth II”, on and podcast platforms

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Enter transition

Only a few days left to take advantage of the off program of the European Conference on Energy Transition. This festival intended for the general public takes place until June 5 in the territory of Greater Geneva, between France and Switzerland. The goal ? Enable residents to learn about environmental issues. More than 150 events are organized: shows, nature outings, film screenings, conferences… (“the off” tab)

1:30 a.m.

Leave for the Croisette

Did you miss them the day they were released? 120 beats per minuteby Robin Campillo, The law of the marketwith Vincent Lindon, or Mustang (photo) by Turkish director Deniz Gamze Ergüven… Arte is broadcasting, on the occasion of its 2022 edition, French and foreign films that have marked the Cannes Film Festival. In addition to these feature films, you will find on the site a series of behind-the-scenes videos of these films as well as interviews with their directors. (keyword: cannes)

2 hours

Relive the Middle Ages

This weekend, the city of Reims is celebrating Joan of Arc with Johannine Festivals which plunge the streets into a medieval atmosphere. Falconry shows, battles in armor, historical re-enactments, music and dance, medieval market… What a way to go back in time and be amazed, with in particular a “historic and magical” parade on Saturday 28 which will see jugglers, stilt-walkers, horses and greyhounds.

An afternoon

Cultivate your tiredness

If in this spring you feel without sap, if you sometimes have the feeling of being a “chameleon on a kaleidoscope”, in the words of Éric Fiat, read (without pressure) his Ode to fatigue, which has just appeared in paperback. The philosopher lays down this state so often experienced in the mode of complaint in order to extract its nuances, sources and even resources. Yes, fatigue can cause “sweet things” and this essay, written in a light and accessible tone, is easy to read!

Alpha Editions, 416 pages, €10


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