Do you have the problem of sensitivity in your teeth, then know what are the reasons for it?

Strong tingling in the teeth, feeling cold and hot, pain in the teeth and weakening of the teeth are all the main symptoms of sensitivity in the teeth. Tooth sensitivity is one of the most common dental problems that gets worse with the seasons. Most of the people get upset due to this problem, due to which they have trouble in eating and drinking. Let us know about its causes and remedies.

Symptoms of Sensitivity

By eating sweet If you suddenly feel pain in the teeth after eating sweets like chocolates, sweets, candy and ice cream etc., then this can also be a symptom of tooth sensitivity.

Pain- If you feel pain in your teeth like – while brushing or eating something, then it can be a symptom of tooth sensitivity and you need to be careful as soon as you see this problem.

cold, hot- If you eat anything hot or cold or drink something cold or hot, then there is a problem of sudden pain and tingling in the teeth, then there may be a symptom of sensitivity in the teeth.

due to sensitivity

old filling- Previously performed dental fillings are the cause of tooth sensitivity.

Treatment- Various dental treatments like scaling, whitening and composite filing can also be the cause of sensitivity in teeth. Well this is a temporary phase and goes away in a week or two, if you do not get rid of this problem soon then you should go to the dentist immediately.

rot- If you have any cavity or decay in any of your teeth, the teeth become sensitive to hot and cold.

Season- The onset of winter can be one of the main reasons for tooth sensitivity. As soon as winter comes, teeth can feel uncomfortable eating anything cold. As far as possible, anything too cold should be avoided in the cold season so that this problem does not take a big form.

Reduce sensitivity in this way

Improve eating Especially include bananas and sweet potatoes in your diet, which are rich in potassium and phosphorus to give extra nutrients to the outer covering of your teeth. You can also rub banana peels on the teeth to prevent sensitivity.

Use desensitizing product- There are a variety of desensitizing products in the market, from toothbrushes to toothpastes and mouthwashes. They are very effective and can provide relief from tooth sensitivity. The first step to get rid of sensitivity is to start using desensitizing products.

Avoid eating acidic foods Avoid any acidic food that will make the teeth worse like lemon, so avoid eating such cheeses.

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