“Do you need a health passport to go to Lebanon?” “

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Lebanon allows vaccinated people to return to its territory without having to present a negative PCR test. To go see your son, you will only have to bring your certificate attesting to the obtaining of the second dose of vaccine, which you normally obtained at the end of your vaccination. If this is not the case, you can get it from your vaccination center, your doctor or download it directly from the dedicated Health Insurance service.

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Otherwise, the health passport is not valid in Lebanon. It will only be used, from July 1, for travel within the European Union as well as to Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, which are part of the Schengen area. You therefore do not have to take any steps to obtain it.

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Finally, for your return to France, be aware that Lebanon is classified as a “green” country by the French authorities. Since you are vaccinated, you will not have to provide a negative PCR test to return to France either.


Entry requirements to Lebanon for unvaccinated people

People entering Lebanon who have not received the two doses of vaccine are required to:

► Submit a negative PCR test carried out no earlier than 96 hours before the date of arrival in Lebanon.

► Be in possession of insurance which, in the event of treatment related to Covid-19 during the period of stay in the country, covers health costs.

► Fill out a form on the Lebanese government website and present the approval SMS or e-mail received at the end of this registration upon boarding.

► Have downloaded the “covidlebtrack” application, which allows the Lebanese authorities to monitor the movements of people arriving in the country.

► Carry out a 72-hour quarantine in a place of residence which will be informed on the “covidlebtrack” application.


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