Does drinking lots of water protect your kidneys?

HEALTH ADVICE – Drinking large amounts of water is believed to help “cleanse” this filter organ. Myth or reality ?

It is a very common idea: drinking lots of water would “cleanse” the body by helping the kidneys to eliminate toxins. Of course, water is essential for the proper functioning of the human body – approximately 60% of it is made up of it. But for all that, it does not have the therapeutic powers that are attributed to it.

Many people think that by drinking a lot they will cleanse themselves well, but in reality it does not change their health. When you drink a lot of water when you don’t need it, you eliminate it by urinating more, that’s all», Explains Professor Stéphane Burtey, professor of nephrology at Aix-Marseille University.

Thirst, a very effective warning

In practice, the amount of water that we instinctively drink is the one that best meets our needs. “We are well calibrated to naturally manage our water intake, thanks to thirst which is a powerful stimulus», Explains Prof. Burtey. “This sensation starts long before the body runs out of water.

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