Does Lemonade Detox You? What are the advantages and what are the disadvantages?


If you believe the advice online, you would think that drinking drops of lemon juice mixed with lukewarm water is detoxifying, invigorating and soothing. It is true that water and lemon juice are healthy in themselves. But if you mix them, are they healthy? Actually the answer is no.

Can lemonade cause any harm?

It’s not a possibility. Lemon juice contains vitamin C, which is an important nutrient. We have known for a long time that vitamin C deficiency can lead to scurvy. This condition is commonly associated with sailors in history, who did not have access to fresh fruits and vegetables during long sea voyages.

Recently we have seen low levels of Vitamin C in Australia. But this does not represent vitamin C levels in people hospitalized and referred for surgery. In this group of people, the factors that made their health worse could also affect their vitamin C intake.

If your intake of Vitamin C is low, then drinking lemon water can help. Vitamin C starts to degrade at 30-40°C, which will have little effect on your hot lemonade levels, but nothing to worry about. If you have enough vitamin C in your diet, anything extra will be excreted through your urine as vitamin C or oxalate.

What else can lemon juice do?

However, in another study, drinking 125 grams of lemon juice with bread resulted in a small reduction in blood sugar levels compared to drinking tea or water with bread. One small study found drinking 30 grams of lemon juice before eating rice. Something similar was found with drinking water as well.

What are the benefits of lemon juice?

What about detoxing, invigorating or soothing?

Addition of lemonade ‘‘help’’ Without it your body already detoxes. It breaks down toxins or excess nutrients in the liver and flushes those molecules out through the kidneys and into your urine.

Does Lemon Juice Make You Energetic?

Other than the immediate effect of drinking something that you think is good for you, the short answer is no. However, like most nutrients, if you’re not getting enough of them, you can feel drained of energy.

And as far as lemon water being a soothing drink is concerned, some people find hot drinks soothing, others prefer cold ones. The best temperature for drinking liquids is the temperature at which you are likely to drink enough to stay hydrated.

Any potential harm?

Since lemon water is acidic, there are some concerns about its ability to destroy teeth. But this is a problem for any acidic drink. Including fizzy drinks and orange juice. Some dentists recommend the following measures to reduce the risk of acid erosion:

  • washing your mouth with tap water after drinking lemon water
  • Chew sugar-free gum afterwards to stimulate saliva production
  • Soon after drinking lemon water Avoid brushing teeth
  • Drink lemonade with a straw to avoid coming in contact with teeth

What are the side effects of lemonade?

Some doctors say that lemon water can irritate the bladder and some people may feel like they need to urinate more often, especially at night. If so, they should drink plain water.

However, one study, which included a variety of drinks, including lemon drinks, found no effect on bladder irritation when people reduced their intake. Some others say that lemonade makes indigestion worse. But it hasn’t been tested.

So should I drink lemonade?

If you enjoy drinking lemonade, drink it! But if you do not like to drink it, then you are not going to do any harm by not drinking it. You can get your vitamin C from other citrus fruits as well as other fruits and vegetables. You can also squeeze some lemon juice over your salads or vegetables.

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