Does physical activity really make you lose weight?

OUR HEALTH ADVICE – While practicing sport is almost always good for our health, it does not necessarily translate into the balance. Explanations.

Burn calories, lose your belly, refine your thighs … In the list of good resolutions, “to lose weightIs often in the top 3. And sport – or physical activity – appears to be the only way to achieve it. Who does not cherish the secret dream of saying goodbye to one of his bulges against an hour of weekly jogging? The promise is enticing, but in practice it’s not that simple. So is sport really your best ally for weight loss? Answer with two specialists.

First (bad) news: “Against all expectations, sport can make you gain weight, especially when you resume after several years or when you start a physical activity», Says Nathalie Boisseau, researcher and professor of sports physiology and nutrition at Clermont Auvergne University. She explains : “To put it simply, sport has the effect of transforming fat mass into muscle mass. But in equal amounts, the muscle

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