Does voting white make sense?

Currently, in France, the blank vote is not recognized, it is not counted in the votes cast. Why then go to the polls to slip in a blank ballot? To express his dissatisfaction with the political offer – whether it concerns the candidates, the programs or, more broadly, the nature of the debates, even the political regime. Seismologist of fed up with politics, the white vote challenges the existing order. “To change politics, you have to change the political class”repeat his followers.

Only problem: by voting blank, we denounce without stating anything in return. “I have nothing to say, but I want it to be known! », laughed, with humor, Raymond Devos. A protrusion that applies here. How, indeed, to encourage politicians to question themselves without sending them a more explicit message? Another pitfall: isn’t there a form of purism in staying out of the political field? Choosing and taking sides means coming to terms with the ambiguity, complexity and paradoxes specific to any action…

Bruno Saintôt, Jesuit, specialist in ethics, estimates as follows: “For lack of recognition, the blank vote is devoid of political force. You would have to resolve to vote for the candidate closest to your values. Or vote blank, but on condition that you wet your shirt, as a citizen, to embody these values ​​with others. »


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