Does your mouth get dry too often? May be a sign of diabetes, know the symptoms of diabetes

Diabetes has become such a disease in today’s lifestyle, due to which people are most worried. When you have diabetes, other parts of your body are also affected. Many times people do not know that they have diabetes, which leads to more serious problems. You can diagnose diabetes with regular tests. Apart from this, if there is some problem in your mouth, then understand that you have diabetes. When blood sugar increases, people start having oral problems. Due to diabetes, saliva starts producing more in the mouth, due to which problems of fungal infection, swelling and blisters start in the mouth. Apart from this, some people start having problems with gums or pain in teeth. To avoid these mouth problems, you should take care of some special things.

These are the symptoms of diabetes

dry mouth- One of the early symptoms of diabetes type 1 and type 2 is dry mouth. In such a situation, the person keeps feeling thirsty all the time. It seems that you do not know how much water to drink at a time. However, this sometimes happens due to the use of some medicines that control diabetes. Symptoms of dry mouth include dryness of the tongue, a rough feeling on the tongue, dryness in the mouth, chapped and dry lips, ulcers in the mouth and difficulty in swallowing. There may be trouble talking or chewing.

Gum problem- Another symptom of diabetes is that saliva is not able to form under your teeth and gums. Due to which the amount of sugar in the body increases and germs start forming plaque. In this condition, there is a problem in the gums. You start having problems like tooth decay and broken teeth. If diabetes is not controlled, symptoms of gum disease such as swollen and red gums, bleeding, sore throat, sensitivity in the teeth, bad breath and bad taste in the mouth begin to appear.

tooth loss- Diabetic patients also start complaining about their teeth. Plaque builds up around the gums due to increased blood sugar, which loosens the grip of the teeth. Sometimes the problem of tooth loss also occurs in such a situation. In a research it has been found that the risk of tooth loss in diabetic patients is twice on average. This risk increases with age. In such a situation, the problem of pain in the teeth and swelling in the gums is the most.

Other symptoms

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