“Dome of heat”: could France experience temperature peaks of 50 ° C?

DECRYPTION – The North American continent is experiencing exceptional heat records approaching 50 ° C in Canada. In mainland France, the thermometer reached a record temperature of 46 ° C two years ago.

A “heat dome” has been covering part of eastern Canada and the United States for several days. This meteorological phenomenon induces very strong heat approaching 50 ° C. The village of Lytton thus exploded the maximum temperature record recorded in Canada indicating 49.6 ° C, Tuesday, June 29.

Could this phenomenon occur in France? The last heat record dates back to June 28, 2019: the temperature had risen to 45.9 ° C in the village of Vérargues (Hérault), exceeding the previous record for the 2003 heatwave (44.1 ° C in the Gard). Could mercury reach the symbolic bar of 50 ° C on the territory? For Fabio d’Andrea, CNRS researcher at the Dynamic Meteorology Laboratory, there is little doubt. First, “there is always a probability that a record will be broken», He specifies. Then, “we observe that the optimistic scenarios on the increase in average temperatures at the beginning of the decade have been exceeded in recent years

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