Donald Trump wants to respond to guns with guns

From our correspondent in New York

Even the death of nineteen children in Uvalde, four hours away, did not waver. In front of the members of the NRA (National Rifle Association), gathered in Houston (Texas) for the annual convention of the powerful pro-gun organization, Donald Trump took up, on Friday May 27, the refrain sung by the defenders of firearms after any shootout: to prevent bloodbaths, you have to arm yourself and barricade yourself more and more.

Armed officers in every school

While condemning the acts offreak “ of Uvalde, he thus advocated a “ solidification » schools, with the installation of metal detectors, barriers and thick doors. There should be only one access point in each building”, he suggested. An argument often used by the pro-arms camp, but which does not hold water. Indeed, having a single entry and exit door would make possible evacuations even more difficult. “We have sent billions of dollars to Ukraine. We should be able to do the same to protect our children.”argued the Republican.

Rather than imposing more restrictions on the purchase and sale of arms, a first step towards “a total confiscation by the left “, Donald Trump wishes a “facilitated containment of the mentally ill and the presence of armed officers in every school “.

It’s also time to allow highly trained teachers to carry weapons in concealed wayshe added. The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. “. He illustrated this popular pro-gun slogan by bringing on stage Jack Wilson, a volunteer security guard who saved a Texas church from possible carnage in 2019 by shooting down a gunman who had entered it.

“Hyperpartisan” climate

In front of the Houston Convention Center where the event is held until Sunday, many demonstrators had gathered, including the Democratic candidate for the governorship of Texas, Beto O’Rourke, to denounce the blockades of the NRA, a powerful lobby that funds the campaigns of prominent Republicans. Following the Uvalde shooting, however, several guests canceled their attendance at the convention. Among them is Greg Abbott, the state’s Republican governor. He still recorded a video message for the assembly.

The words of Donald Trump, the favorite personality of the Republicans two years from the next presidential election, will not facilitate the search for compromise on the sensitive issue of gun control.

Any hope of national reform stumbles on the Senate, where the Democrats do not have the sixty votes necessary to pass a law. They face a Republican opposition reluctant to alienate its pro-gun electorate (and donors).

“We are in an election year (the partial renewal of the Congress will take place in November during the midterm elections, ndr) and the hyper-partisan climate does not encourage risk-taking”analyzes Robert Spitzer, professor emeritus at SUNY Cortland University and author of several books on gun politics.

In 2022, 27 American schools were the scene of shootings. Last year’s sad record – 34 incidents recorded by the site Education Week – could fall.


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