Double homicide in the Cévennes: “the scar will not close again” in the neighboring towns of the village of Plantiers

The man suspected of having killed his boss and one of his colleagues on Tuesday in the sawmill located in the village of Plantiers was arrested on Friday evening.

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“The scar will not close”, reacted on Friday on France Bleu Gard Lozère Régis Bourelly, mayor of the town of Saint-Andre-de-Valborgne, after the man suspected of the double-murder in a sawmill in Plantiers on Tuesday was arrested.

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In Saint-André-de-Valborgne, a town bordering Plantiers, “the mourning will be done”, loose Régis Bourelly. The arrest of the suspect is experienced as “a relief”. Faced with the police, Valentin Marcone, simply said “excuse me, I surrender”. But the mayor of Saint-André-de-Valborgne intends to think above all of the two victims. “He can say whatever he wants. We will listen to him. But there are two people who have lost their lives, and families who are in mourning for life.” Régis Bourelly adds that“We must not forget that this gentleman killed two people in cold blood. And that I do not admit it. He took the lives of two people”.

In the village of Saumane, where lived the sawmill employee who was killed alongside his boss, Laurette Angéli, the mayor, wants “understand the gesture” of the shooter. “Someone who has a wife and a toddler, I don’t quite understand what could have caused this in him”, wonders the mayor on France Bleu Gard Lozère.

After the relief, Laurette Angéli wants to address the mourning of her town: “We are going to bury Martial, who is a resident of Saumane. We will try to be close to his wife. There will be no journalist at the funeral”, at the request of the victim’s wife.

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