Drink this juice made from cucumber and coriander daily for weight loss, know how to make it

Weight Loss Juice RecipePuris and Parathas are very tasty to eat in winter, but do you know that by eating fried roast in cold and reducing workout, weight starts increasing rapidly. In winter, our metabolism also becomes very slow, due to which obesity starts increasing. In such a situation, you must drink juice and soup to lose weight. We are telling you to make such an effective soup for weight loss, which will reduce your obesity very quickly. This juice is made from coriander leaves, aloe vera and cucumber. It is quite easy to make. The special thing is that by drinking this juice continuously for a month, you will start seeing the effect. All you have to do is drink a glass of juice before sleeping. Know the Weight Loss Juice Recipe.

Ingredients for Cucumber and Coriander Juice

  • a cucumber
  • Coriander leaves about half a bowl
  • lemon juice 1 tsp
  • Ginger 1 tsp grated
  • Aloe vera juice 1 tsp
  • water half glass

Cucumber And Coriander Leaf Juice Recipe

1- To make weight loss juice, first peel the cucumber, mix coriander leaves, aloe vera juice and ginger and grind it in a blender.
2- Add half a glass of water while grinding all the ingredients.
3- Now filter the juice through a sieve and take it out in a glass.
4- Mix lemon juice in the prepared juice of cucumber and coriander.
5- By drinking this juice continuously for a month, your weight will start reducing.

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