Drinking hot water again and again can cause problems, these are 5 major disadvantages

Nowadays people are drinking hot water throughout the day to prevent the corona virus. It is believed that hot water is very effective to keep the throat clean. But in summer it is difficult to quench thirst with hot water. But do you know that drinking too much hot water can also harm your health. We are telling you how hot water can affect your health.

1-sleeping problem- If you drink hot water while sleeping at night, then you may have sleep problems. You may have toilet problems by drinking hot water at night, you may have frequent urination problems. This increases the pressure on the blood vessel cells, so do not drink hot water at night.

2- Blisters may occur in internal organs- If you drink too much hot water, it can cause damage to the internal organs of the body. Drinking hot water continuously for a long time can also cause stomach irritation. There are tissues inside our body which are very sensitive. Therefore, drinking hot water can also cause blisters in the internal organs of the body.

3- Kidney effect- There is a special capillary system in the kidney, which helps in removing excess water and toxins from the body. But many research has found that hot water affects the kidneys more. Which affects the normal function of the kidney.

4- Nerves can swell – Many people drink hot water even without thirst. Doing this for a long time can cause swelling in the nerves of the brain. Repeatedly drinking hot water can also cause headaches. Therefore, avoid drinking hot water again and again.

5 – Blood volume has an effect on- Drinking too much hot water affects blood volume. Excess warm water increases your total blood volume. The circulation of blood is a closed system and if there is excessive pressure on it, then high blood pressure and many other cardio problems can occur.

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