Drinking orange juice can be heavy, obesity can increase

Orange Juice Side Effects: The craze of juice increases a lot during the summer season. We all like to drink chilled juice to get instant energy and cool down the body. Especially fruit juices are liked by all of us and among these too orange juice is included in the most liked juices. Therefore, we enjoy orange juice fiercely by preparing it from canned juices available in the market to oranges available through cold storage. Because we all think that this juice is rich in Vitamin-C and along with cooling the body, it also increases immunity.

It is true that orange gives both these benefits, but when it comes to orange juice, it is not able to stand anywhere in front of orange fruit in terms of quality. That is, it is more beneficial than drinking orange juice that you eat oranges. But what to do in the season in which orange is not available. So the answer is that you should eat the fruits of that season. Now also know why orange juice can give more harm than benefit…

1. Too Many Calories

If you want to control your weight or are trying for weight loss, then you should stay away from orange juice. Because it will not allow your body to become thin. This is because whether you use the orange juice packet or take it from the juice corner. A lot of sugar is mixed in the preparation of this juice, which gets stored in the body in the form of extra calories. You will be surprised to know, but if you drink a glass of juice every day, then in a year you give about 14 kg of sugar to the body only through orange juice!

2. Increases Fat
Orange juice also increases fat because there is a lot of sugar in this juice, as well as when we drink juice, we drink it very quickly and drink at least one glass. In such a situation, when a lot of sugar goes into the body, then the body cannot use so much sugar at once, so converts it into fat and stores it. That is, your weight is sure to increase.

3. Increases Risk of Diabetes

People who drink orange juice daily increase the risk of type-2 diabetes manifold. By drinking this juice every day, excess amount of sugar goes into the body, so kidney related diseases can also dominate.

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