Drugs Case: Aryan Khan to go to jail, all 8 accused sent to 14 days judicial custody

A court hearing was held on Thursday on the bail of Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan, who was detained in the NCB raid at the drugs party on cruise in Mumbai. Court has sent 8 accused including Aryan Khan to judicial custody. Well-known lawyer Satish Manshinde is fighting Aryan Khan’s case. Soon after Aryan Khan was sent to judicial custody, Satish Manshinde has made two bail applications in the court. One interim bail to get immediate bail and the other regular bail, so that Aryan Khan remains on bail till the time this case is investigated. At present, the bail plea will be heard on Friday at 11 am.

On the basis of the submission and remand report of the judge in the court, the essence is that the custody of the accused has been sought by the NCB. She wants to confront him with Achit Kumar. Achit’s name was revealed by Arbaaz Merchant and Aryan Khan. They also want to face accused No. 9 and other accused, who were arrested on October 6 and remanded. I do not want to go into this aspect as to why the officer needs so much time to arrest an accused. Considering the time of Achit’s arrest, when both Aryan and Achit were in the custody of the NCB, nothing was investigated till their appearance in the court. Further, the NCB rightly argued that the details of the investigation needed to be pointed out and the same is not reflected in the remand. Therefore, on vague grounds in the remand application, the custody of every accused cannot be extended. Therefore all the 8 accused are sent to judicial custody.

When the hearing started in the court regarding Aryan Khan, Additional Solicitor General (ASG) Anil Singh said that 17 people have been arrested so far. NCB arrested Achit Kumar on the testimony of Aryan Khan. In such a situation, both of them need to be interrogated face to face. The ASG said there is a need to extend the period of custody for further investigation and keeping in view the gravity of the offence. The investigation is at such a stage where it is necessary to have both of them face to face. Keeping in view the allegations and facts, the custody of both the accused is necessary. The ASG said that one person cannot be separated from another. The aim of the act is to stop the gang forever.

Aryan Khan’s lawyer Satish Manshinde said that as far as Aryan’s case is concerned, on the first day he immediately agreed for one more day’s remand, thinking that this would lead to some development in the case. But apart from a few more arrests, nothing else has happened. Satish Manshinde said that as far as Aryan’s interrogation is concerned, the authorities have not asked anything other than questions related to his stay abroad.

Satish Manshinde said that if anyone is arrested on Aryan Khan statement, then some senior officer associated with the investigation should have made sure whether it is the same person or not, whether Aryan is related to him or not, but from yesterday to today Nothing like this has happened till now. Yesterday, when he arrested Achit Kumar, he should have made Aryan confront him. It should have been seen whether Achit was really related to Arbaaz or Aryan. But the officials did not do so. As such, face-to-face should not be the sole ground for seeking remand.

Satish Manshinde said that the officers took his mobile from Aryan. They have nothing to do with the organisers. Aryan does not deny that Arbaaz is his friend. Aryan has only questioned on the basis of chats. Achit is the only person whom Aryan has to face and be interrogated. It can happen any time, any day. This can happen even after Aryan is given bail.

Satish Manshinde said that Aryan Khan has not been interrogated for two nights, then what is the need to interrogate him in custody now? Satish Manshinde said why should they be given custody? As far as I know, no one has been interrogated till now by sitting in front of Aryan. No drugs found. There was nothing in Aryan’s bag. Nor did Aryan tamper with his phone. When NCB has not been able to do anything in this till now, what will it do next?

Satish Manshinde said that NCB is constantly saying that they have to reach the main accused, if so why is Aryan being kept as a hostess, while he has not been able to catch the main accused yet. Leaving aside all the other things, Aryan has spent a long time in the custody. Till now no significant progress has been made in the matter. Satish Manshinde said that if there are no allegations against Aryan. If there is anyone regarding the supply of material, then Aryan has not bought it from anyone. I think after going through the case diary, the court will also observe that there is no need to extend the custody.

The ASG demanded in the court that Aryan Khan’s statement be read. ASG said that we have raided the main suppliers from 12.30 am. They have just been caught. The entire group has been caught since October 3. We arrested Achit Kumar yesterday. Then a foreign national and now another has been apprehended. The ASG said that we are investigating the main case only. We are getting information about more people in this investigation. As the Supreme Court has said, recovery is not important here. Information is important.

The ASG said that we do not want to waste the time of the court. We need everyone’s remand so that the investigation can proceed. We want to question and answer all the accused together. The ASG said that the question of getting all these people to be in one place is important.

Satish Maneshinde said the second day, the prosecution showed piecemeal conversations. On this ASG said that I will show the chat. Then Satish Manshinde said when did you download the chat? After this Satish Manshinde said that the chats are about football, there is no drugs in football. Satish Manshinde said that the chat does not prove anywhere that these 14-15 people are related to each other.


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