Drugs: residents demonstrate against the evacuation of crack users in the direction of the suburbs


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After the inhabitants of Aubervilliers and Pantin, in Seine-Saint-Denis, who protested this week against the arrival of crack users evacuated from Paris, new demonstrations took place in eastern Paris.

“Stop cracking”is the slogan chanted by the demonstrators on the Place de la Bataille in Stalingrad (Paris) this Saturday, October 2. For some, they have had to live with drug dealers and consumers for several years.. “Living here is seeing droppings in your hall of a building, it’s going out and seeing deal scenes in front of us. I don’t have children but you can imagine what parents have to tell children to explain situations like this “, testifies Caroline, member of the Action Stalingrad collective.

Last week, crack users from the Eole and Stalingrad gardens were evacuated to Porte de la Villette park. For residents, the situation is not livable, however. “We know that there are disused hospitals in the area, that we would have to rearm and then we would have to take care of these people. We should take care of them in specialized centers”, explains Frédéric Francelle, president of collective 19.

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