Dry Fruits Benefit: Eat walnuts daily in winter, beneficial for brain and heart

Walnut benefits: To stay healthy in winter, definitely include dry fruits in the diet. Eating nuts daily keeps the heart, mind and body fit. Eating dry fruits reduces weight and strengthens immunity. You must eat 2-3 walnuts daily. Walnuts make the brain sharp and active. Nutrients like protein, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, copper and selenium are found in large quantities in walnuts. Eating walnuts makes the heart healthy and strong. Know the benefits of eating walnuts.

1- Eating walnuts increases the power of the brain. The nutrients found in it sharpen the brain.
2- Heart diseases are kept away by eating walnuts. Walnuts contain anti-oxidants and omega 3 fatty acids, which are beneficial in heart diseases.
3- Walnuts are very beneficial for the brain. Eating walnuts removes tension and gives good sleep.
4- Walnuts control blood pressure and maintain energy in the body.
5- Walnuts help a lot in reducing cholesterol. Good cholesterol increases in the body by eating walnuts.
6- The omega 3 fatty alpha linolenic acid in it makes blood clot in our body. Due to which the blood does not flow much in case of injury.
7- Eating walnuts regularly reduces the chances of heart attack and also reduces the risk of cancer. Eating walnuts makes the skin shiny and hair strong.
8- Walnuts contain biotin and vitamin 32, which reduces the problem of hair fall.
9- Walnuts also benefit in diabetes. It is very effective for type 2 diabetes. Walnuts dilate blood vessels and reduce metabolic syndrome.
10- Eating walnuts during pregnancy provides essential nutrients to the baby.

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