Due to these 10 reasons, most people fall prey to serious illness, you should also know

There are some diseases from which most people fall ill in the world. It is not that these diseases occur only to the people of poor countries, but there are certain types of lifestyle diseases, which make the people of developed and prosperous countries more victims. You can learn about 10 such diseases here as well as the causes of these diseases. So that you don’t have to face dire consequences…

1. Premature Aging

This age-related problem is troubling people all over the world. There are two main reasons for this physical problem, firstly not being physically active and secondly lack of nutrition in food. People who sit in one place for hours or are in a sitting job, many diseases start developing in their body, due to which the body starts looking old prematurely.

People in poor countries start looking old because they do not get enough food. Whereas in rich countries, the main reasons for early aging include eating more fat and not doing physical labor.

2. Obesity

Obesity is a disease that afflicts a large population of the world. Although obesity is not a disease in itself, but due to this many life-threatening diseases start growing in the body. For example, type-to diabetes, high blood pressure, diseases related to gallbladder, heart attack, sleep apnea and cancer etc.

3. Tobacco Addiction

Tobacco addiction is a major cause of premature death. The whole world loses millions of lives every year due to this dirty habit. Consumption of tobacco in the form of gutka, bidi, cigarette, shigar or any other makes the body hollow from inside. Not only cancer, but its consumption also leads to many fatal mental diseases, which become the cause of untimely death.

4. Some Bad Habits

There are many such bad habits, which make you a victim of disease and premature death. For example, taking drugs, intoxication, consuming too much alcohol, driving while intoxicated, etc. If these habits are controlled in time, then life can be lived in a long and healthy way.


You may be surprised to know that AIDS spreads more rapidly in people aged 50 or around than in younger people. The reason for this is that these people have a weakening body and immunity. However, not only in developing countries but also in developed places like United States, people do not pay much attention to their investigation and vigilance regarding this disease. Because of this, by the time this disease is caught, it is too late.

6. Mental Illness

From amnesia to sleep disorders, many types of serious mental diseases are engulfing people all over the world. But on top of all this is depression, which like a disease most people do not get time. Hundreds of people commit suicide every day in the world due to mental problems like depression. The sad thing is that in most of these cases, the family members are not aware of this serious disease or do not have the necessary information.

7. Injury and Violence

A large number of people become victims of death every year in situations like domestic violence, road accidents. While both these problems can be prevented. Apart from these, if we talk about the elderly, according to a survey, one out of three elderly people over 65 years of age dies due to falling every year. This is not the situation of any particular country, but it is the condition of the whole world.

8. Respiratory diseases

Due to increasing pollution and deteriorating air quality, lakhs of people become victims of untimely death every year due to some or the other respiratory disease. People living in places where there is a lack of oxygen in the air, besides breathing, there are also many diseases related to brain and sleep, which are becoming the cause of untimely death.

9. Weakness of immunity

Due to lack of proper diet, lack of physical labor and not having the right lifestyle, the immunity of people becomes weak. Because of this, millions of people leave this world every year due to diseases like influenza and pneumonia. The sad thing is that often the number of children or young people of young age is more in them.

10. Disease of the system

Even today adults in most parts of the world are not as conscious about their health as they should be. Due to lack of regular health checkup, many diseases related to age and lifestyle surround them and due to lack of timely treatment, death often surrounds them. This situation is so frightening that it is one of the 10 biggest deadly diseases of the world.

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