E.coli bacteria in Buitoni pizzas: “Perhaps we should go back to who is responsible for what in terms of food safety”, says a trade unionist from the DGCCRF

Two new ranges of Buitoni pizzas are implicated in contamination by the E.Coli bacteria.

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“Perhaps we will have to come back to who is responsible for what in terms of food safety”, explained Friday, May 6 on franceinfo Roland Girerd, secretary general of the majority union of the DGCCRF, Solidaires CCRF & SCL, while two new ranges of Buitoni pizza are implicated in contamination by the E.Coli bacterium. The Fraud Repression unions denounce the lack of means to control agri-food factories.

franceinfo: Buitoni’s Fraîch’Up and “Stone oven” pizzas come from the Caudry factory, in the North, which was closed for hygiene issues. She hadn’t been checked?

Roland Girard: It is a site that is monitored by the competition, consumer affairs and fraud prevention services (CCRF), like all food production sites in France. There were controls. Perhaps we will have to come back to who is responsible for what in terms of food security.

Why are there so many contaminations despite the controls?

It is the manufacturer who has an obligation of result on the safety of his products and who must implement the means to control health risks. He must ensure this in particular by self-checks. This is a principle which has been applied and which has depended on community texts since the 1990s. The authorities intervene to control establishments with the means given to them. Nevertheless, we must also ask ourselves the question of how, in the production sites, we arrive at such degraded situations. We do random checks, but that does not mean that the day before or the next day the situation was the same.

Are the means at your disposal sufficient?

We have been stressing this for years, we are demanding recruitment, stopping territorial reforms that are dismantling services. The CCRF personnel have less than 3,000, if we take the full-time equivalent, we are at less than 2,600 for the whole of France and not just for food. We will also control electrical products, consumer information and competition. We have very broad skills and these investigators are in charge of a whole series of measures. There is a need to recruit.

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