Easy tips to stay healthy in work from home, know how your diet should be

The corona virus epidemic has changed our lives as well as the way we eat. Nutrition can be difficult to control when your home has become your office. You feel comfortable and there is an abundance of food available. Unlike the office, you are free to eat all day at home and access to the fridge is easy. But this habit can wreak havoc on your waist, spoil your weight loss efforts and stop your productivity. Therefore, it is important to make a healthy eating strategy while working from home during Kovid-19.

Do not work near the kitchen or kitchen- Try to set up your desk in a place that is not close to the kitchen. With the kitchen constantly in front of you, you may get a chance to wander and check the refrigerator. Decide to go to the kitchen when you are ready to eat.

Plan meal time Just like you make a schedule for sleeping, exercising, bathing, similarly, set the time of meal for the whole day. If you know that you like to eat around noon, then plan it. And if you prefer to eat a snack in the evening, then do it in the same way. Do the same thing with food as you do in the office. You cannot eat all day while in office, so behave the same way at home.

Make sure you actually eat – When you start work once, it can be really difficult to take a break to eat. But it is important to understand the signs of hunger and realize that eating does not affect your productivity and promptness. If needed, fix the time on the clock on your mobile phone. From that you will remember when to get up and have some food.

Pay attention to the actual food. Balanced, nutritious food makes you more productive. It keeps you full for long and helps to pay attention. Understand that what you eat will have an effect on your mood and energy level. When you feel hungry, think about it next time. Focus on protein, fiber, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables. The idea of ​​menus ahead of time will make this task easier.

Drink lots of water- Lack of water can cause headaches and fatigue from dehydration and dehydration, both of which are not good for your productivity. Just like you fill a bottle of water at your desk in the office, do the same while working from home. If you will have easy water available, then there is a possibility that you can drink more.

Beware of too much caffeine- The idea of ​​tea or coffee may sound good, but be aware of too much caffeine. It can cause headaches, restlessness, digestive problems and even fatigue. Do not aim for more than two cuffs of coffee per day.

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