Eat vitamin-rich apple marmalade every day, it takes only 10 minutes to make, this is the recipe

Apple Murabba Recipe: Apple is no less than a boon for health. By eating apples everyday, the body stays away from diseases. Apple is a storehouse of nutrients. It contains all the essential vitamins and minerals. Eating apple marmalade in summer gives many benefits to the body. This gives coolness to the stomach. You should also eat apple marmalade daily to keep digestion good. You can easily make apple jam at home. Today we are telling you the recipe of making apple murabba, from which you can make this delicious marmalade. You can eat this murabba for a full 2 ​​months. Know the recipe of making apple marmalade.

Ingredients for Apple Marmalade

  • 1 kg apples
  • 1 kg sugar
  • 2 lemons
  • tsp cardamom powder

Apple Murabba Recipe

1. First of all, wash the apples thoroughly and take out their skin.
2. Now put them in water and leave them. So that the color of the apple does not turn black.
3. Now take enough water in a vessel that all the apples can be easily submerged in it.
4. When the water comes to a boil, add apples to it and cook till the apples become soft.
5. Check after about 15 minutes. If the apples have become soft then turn off the gas.
6. Now prepare sugar syrup by adding sugar to this water and mix cardamom powder.
7. To make sugar syrup, you have to add 3-4 cups of water to 1 kg of sugar.
8. When the sugar dissolves, put apples in the syrup. Cook it till the syrup becomes thick like honey.
9. You have to make syrup of 2 strings to make apple marmalade.
10. Let the apple remain in the syrup for 2 days and add lemon juice to it.
11. Stir the marmalade 1-2 times a day, so that it becomes sweet well.
12. Delicious apple jam is ready, you can keep it in the fridge and eat it for 2 months.

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