Educator, server, computer scientist: these jobs that hire young people

Professionals in the cultural and sporting action, employees and supervisors of the hotel and catering industry, computer engineers, salespeople and handling workers: these are, in order, the professions which today hire the most young people, according to a study published Wednesday, November 10 by Dares.

Based on the 2018 Employment survey, the studies department of the Ministry of Labor looked at 1.8 million “young people leaving” studies, that is to say those under 35 years of age. job having completed their studies 1 to 4 years ago, focusing on the trades which recruited them the most.

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By comparing with a previous study of 2007, the Dares firstly notes that the evolution is weak: it suffices for computer engineers, handling workers and employees and supervisors of the hotel and catering industry to gain a few places to join the top 5 at the expense of cashiers, computer technicians and paramedical professionals.

Cashiers, salespeople, handlers … high school graduates

Above all, the study is interested in the differences according to the level of diploma. Thus, among non-graduates, young people will turn first to cultural action, handling, hotel and catering or the job of cashier.

At the level CAP-BEP, food craftsmen (butchers, pork butchers, bakers) dominate the ranking, five times more numerous than nursing assistants, cooks, mechanics, or even handlers who, in second position gain five places, leaving the ranking hairdressers estheticians …

At the level bac, the professionals of the cultural and sporting action integrate the classification directly in the first place: undoubtedly an effect of the passage to the week of 5 days at the school and the development of the extracurricular activities… Employees and supervisors of the hotel and catering, cashiers, salespeople and handlers complete the picture, “Reflecting the general rise in the rate of baccalaureate holders”, notes the Dares.

Higher education graduates spared from the stagnation of youth employment

A shift is also taking place at the bac + 2 and bac + 3 levels, under the effect of the requalification to bac + 3 of the nursing diploma. Nurses and midwives are thus the professions most occupied by young people in tray 3, in front of banking and insurance employees. TO bac + 2, maintain the other paramedical professions, educators, IT technicians and accountants …

Finally, at bac + 5 and beyond that, the ranking seems fixed compared to 2007: computer engineers, researchers, construction executives, legal professionals are the professions which recruit the most young people.

In this regard, the Dares notes that, during the Covid crisis, the employment of the five main professions of young people with bac + 5 continued to increase (+ 8% in 2019 and + 12% and 2020). It is rather an exception, whereas employment has rather stagnated among young people. While higher education graduates seem spared, the employment rate has fallen for those with a baccalaureate (- 3% in 2020), especially for the hotel and catering industry. “In connection with the sharp decline in recruitment needs during confinement”, recognizes the Dares.


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