Effect of Kovid-19: loss of patients’ langs even after one year of treatment, revealed in research

A research has shown that most of the hospitalized patients with severe infection of Kovid-19 returned to full health, but one third saw evidence of effects on langs even after one year. Kovid-19, a disease caused by the corona virus, has infected millions of people across the world. But often, patients are admitted to the hospital when langs are affected as a result of Kovid-19 infection, for which the definition of Kovid-19 pneumonia is used.

Covid-19 effect on langs even after one year of treatment

There has been a clear development in the treatment of Kovid-19 pneumonia, but so far there is little information about how long it can take for the patients to fully recover and what changes happen inside the lung. Research at the University of Southampton was told that Kovid-19 has found evidence of negative effects in the langs of a third of people in the hospital even after one year. The results of the research have been published in Lancet Respiratory Medicine.

Researchers, along with experts from Wuhan, analyzed severe Kovid-19 pneumonia patients to know how their health after a year. For this, 83 patients were made part of the research, who were hospitalized with severe Kovid-19 pneumonia. Patients were analyzed for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months i.e. they were visited every 3 months. Every time during the inspection, clinical evaluation, chest CT scan to take a picture of the langs, walking test and the work of the langs were tested.

Research reveals change in langs of one third people

During the 12 months, most patients had improved symptoms, exercise capacity, and CT changes related to COVID-19. After a year, often the patients became completely healthy, but 5 percent of the patients were still having difficulty in breathing. A third of the patients’ lung function had not been able to return to the normal surface, particularly with the ability to transfer oxygen from the lung to the blood. The CT scan of a quarter of the patients showed changes in some small parts of their lung. Have gone and this was more common in patients whose severe infection was detected during treatment of the langs.

Researchers said that the majority of patients with severe Kovid-19 pneumonia recovered completely, but some patients took several months for it. The affected rate of lang work of women is higher than that of men and further research is needed to understand this. He admitted that this research was done on a small scale and was based on fewer patients. Additional research is needed to prove the results, although he claimed to have identified several significant complications. In the end, it was concluded that their research will play an important role in understanding the impact on the lung related to Kovid-19.

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