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Élisabeth Borne: “I asked to study the possibility of a new postponement of the switch from DIF to CPF”

The cross : Only 20 percent of employees have repatriated their DIF to the CPF: are you worried about this relatively low figure?

Élisabeth Borne: According to the latest figures available to us, one in four employees has switched their DIF hours to their CPF account. This is obviously not sufficient, but I remind you that it is an individual right. Each employee must take action and take steps to recover their rights.

For five years, the State has communicated on this seesaw. I can only renew my message to employees: training is part of professional life, allows everyone to improve their employability and thus evolve. It is in the interest of each employee to take it up.

The deadline of December 31 had already been postponed for the first time: would it be desirable, given the health crisis which is scrambling communication campaigns on the subject, to postpone it a second time?

É. B.: I share the fact that the crisis has pushed the subject to the background and that we have not had the latitude to communicate audibly on the subject this year. But, precisely, it is in times of crisis that you have to train yourself and strengthen your employability. I also note that since September, the use of the CPF has increased, which shows that those who have registered have understood the interest.

What do you plan to do so that more employees do not lose their DIF rights ?

É. B.: I asked the services to study the possibility of a further postponement. We are also going to relaunch a communication campaign, in collaboration with the Caisse des Dépôts, to remind employees of the closing date and encourage them to switch their rights. But we are going to mobilize businesses more so that they make employees aware of the subject. It is also in the interest of employers who can top up their employees’ accounts as part of a training plan.


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