Emergencies: the new paid flat rate for patients validated by the Assembly

It will replace the current “user fee”, which leaves the patient with 20% of the cost of his care. The National Assembly voted, on the night of Thursday 22 to Friday 23 October, the principle of a new “package” of 18 euros for patients going to the emergency room without being hospitalized thereafter.

This “emergency patient package” was recorded as part of the Social Security budget project. The current charge is 19 euros on average at the public hospital, but it can be very high for some patients, underlined the general rapporteur Thomas Mesnier (LREM), referring with this reform a “simplification issue”. “It is a measure which does not yield anything”, also said the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran.

The interest is not financial, but to mobilize staff at the hospital to do something other than billing.

Olivier Véran, Minister of Health

The minister assured the socialist deputy Boris Vallaud that there was no objective, through this, of regulating emergency passages, which are experiencing congestion. François Ruffin, deputy La France insoumise, however expressed his “worry that [ce forfait] contributes to being a barrier to care “ for people without means.

Thomas Mesnier indicated that the package would be supported by mutuals, from the responsible contract, as well as by complementary health solidarity and even state medical aid for undocumented migrants.

MEPs added an exemption to the device for pregnant women from the 6th month of pregnancy, and for newborns for 30 days. People with long-term care will be subject to a reduced package. By an amendment, the government postponed the implementation artwork of this new package from January 1 to September 1, 2021.

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