Emergency calls: Emmanuel Macron accelerates the experiment of a single number

What is the best solution to send the most suitable help as quickly as possible? Is it necessary, as in other European countries, to bring together all the emergency calls which arrive so far to a single number, either to 15 (Samu), or to 17 (emergency police), or even to 18 (sappers? -firefighters) ?

“112”, soon to be a single emergency call number?

Visiting the National Congress of Firefighters in Marseille on Saturday, October 16, Emmanuel Macron announced the experimentation of a single platform from 2022, for two years, and on the scale of a wider region. In doing so, it is ahead of a flagship provision of the Matras bill – aimed at consolidating our civil security model and promoting the voluntary service of firefighters and professional firefighters – in the process of being adopted in Parliament.

“Together, red and white”

Three different solutions will be tested during this experiment: a single platform where calls to 15 (Samu), 17 (police-emergency) and 18 (firefighters) would arrive; another only for calls to 15 and 18; and a third grouping together calls to 15 and medical emergencies.

The experiment will be carried out in “A defense zone”, said Emmanuel Macron, either “A large region”. At its end, “We will methodically evaluate which is the most efficient method” in terms of “Response time and quality of user support” notably.

For this subject which has been debated in France for years, Emmanuel Macron welcomed the choice of experimentation. “The only objective is to improve the care of victims, together, red and white”, he said, with reference to firefighters and health workers.

The deputy (LREM) Fabien Matras, author of the bill under discussion in Parliament, is in favor of merging emergency numbers. But he accepted, during the discussions in committee, the principle of experimentation in response to the concerns of certain professionals who, like the president of Samu-Urgences de France, François Braun, fear a “Degradation of the quality of care” and an “Endangering patients”.

Emergencies: “A single number would lengthen the delays”

The Head of State also approved in advance other provisions of the future Matras law, confirming the abolition of the employer over-contribution on the fire premium allowing an average monthly gain of 45 euros. This measure eagerly awaited by the firefighters will be included in the bill on the financing of social security, he said.

A breakdown followed by an external audit

Another gesture, he announced the revaluation of the reimbursement of ambulance “deficiencies” – when firefighters intervene in place of ambulance attendants – to at least € 200 instead of € 124 currently, as well as the implementation of a reform to enforce it. reduce the number.

Regarding the future Matras law, which authorizes firefighters to provide care, the President of the Republic has committed “To specify, before the end of the year, by a government decree, the way in which the firefighters will be able to implement the 12 technical first aid and treatment actions”. “What an absurdity to refuse to the firefighters to provide care when they are often the only professionals present on site when a disaster strikes”, he noted, eliciting a round of applause.

Civil security will be integrated into the law on internal security (LOPSI), he confirmed, with the key to renewing the entire helicopter fleet and ordering two additional helicopters from early 2022.

Finally, he promised the extension of the new loyalty and recognition bonus to all those who have more than 15 years of service (against 20 currently), as well as the creation of the quality of ward of the Republic for the children of firefighters killed in the performance of their duties.

Emergency numbers: after the failure, time for questions


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