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Emma Hodcroft: “In the summer, tourists have spread variants”

INTERVIEW – The American-British epidemiologist, researcher at the University of Bern (Switzerland), is the first to sign a study published in “Nature” on June 7 on the spread in the summer of 2020 of a variant of the coronavirus appeared in Spain. She is also the founder of the world-renowned site, which observes variants of Covid-19.

LE FIGARO. – What do you think about the spread of the delta (Indian) variant?

Emma HODCROFT. – It is spreading very actively in Great Britain, where it has become the majority, as in India. But we do not yet have all of its characteristics. We continue to acquire knowledge. Its propagation curve in Great Britain seems comparable to that in India. It would be more contagious than the historical variant. But it is not possible to conclude that it will spread at such a high rate in the rest of continental Europe. We cannot yet say that France will know Britain’s current situation in two to three months. Maybe it will. But it is not yet possible to say.


The variants seem to have local specificities. The beta (South African) and gamma (Brazilian) variants did not have the same dynamics in Europe as in the countries where they appeared, perhaps thanks to vaccination. In addition, some countries have put

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