Emmanuel Macron in Marseille: “The announcements satisfy us”, reacts the first deputy Michèle Rubirola

The elected is delighted with the arrival of police with the installation of 500 video surveillance cameras and the announcement of a state investment of one billion euros for transport.

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Emmanuel Macron’s ads in Marseille “satisfy us”, reacts Thursday, September 2 on franceinfo the first deputy mayor of the city, Michèle Rubirola.

I can only be positive. It would be dishonest or hypocritical to say that I do not agree with what has been said. Afterwards, we have to see how we can work together

Michele Rubirola


The chosen one hopes that “collective interest “ will be perceived by “all policies, whatever they may be“, especially in the metropolis led by its opponent, the elected LR Martine Vassal.

While the president has defined three emergencies “safe, social and health“for the city of Marseille, Michèle Rubirola believes that”it’s a speech that resonates with what we’ve always said” because “it’s a city that has been abandoned. “

Michèle Rubirola is also satisfied by the funding of one billion euros for transport announced by Emmanuel Macron. “It’s something we’ve always wanted“, she reacts.

Metro lines yes, but they have to serve all parts of the city. The inhabitants of the northern districts which are isolated and have great difficulties to reach the other part of Marseille. Public transport needs to be extended to the northern districts

Micele Rubirola


On the security front, the 500 CCTV cameras announced by Emmanuel Macron “are useless if there is no human behind“, according to Michèle Rubirola. However,”there will be human, since he has promised police officers, educators and mediators. “

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