End of ephemeral terraces in Paris: “It saved the season for many professionals who did not have a terrace”

The ephemeral terraces have “saved the season for many professionals who did not have a terrace, or 3-4 tables”, affirms Sunday evening on franceinfo Franck Delvaux, president of theUnion of hotel trades and industries Paris-Île-de-France, while this end of October marks the end of the ephemeral terraces that we had seen flourish in the capital at the end of confinement.

franceinfo: What assessment can we make of these terraces in the capital?

Franck Delvaux: It’s a very positive result, it saved the season for many professionals who did not have a terrace, or 3-4 tables, despite the lack of tourists in Paris, despite teleworking. In Paris, people like to go on the terrace, the few tourists who were there too.

Some establishments have been granted to keep these terraces all year round, others have requested it. How many establishments are affected?

We had 12,000 ephemeral terraces which became summery. Today, there are around 7,500 requests for summer terraces for April 2022, since these terraces will be able to return in April 2022. And there are around 1,500 requests for perennial terraces, which can be kept in the parking spaces, at from the moment when the terrace was not on a delivery place. It is being processed by the City of Paris, everything has not yet been processed. We are not more than 20, 30% today; but that will be resolved in the coming weeks.

Have you heard of establishments that do not intend to remove their terrace?

Some say it, I think they won’t. There will be checks anyway. Professionals also forget, for some, that there was no terrace. In Paris, out of more than 15,000 establishments, there were only 6,000 terraces, and there suddenly were 12,000 summer terraces. This is a very important step forward. And let’s not forget that the City of Paris did not charge us for these terraces for this season, since they were offered to us until October 30.

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