Endometriosis: better organization of care channels

DECRYPTION – This pathology is talking about it, but is still misdiagnosed and incorrectly treated.

It was an almost unknown disease before 2016 and the first national awareness campaign. Today, endometriosis is part of the common vocabulary, but it remains fundamentally little known to many patients … and doctors.

In women with endometriosis, fragments of the endometrium (the wall that lines the uterus and, with each cycle, thickens and is then evacuated during menstruation) “colonize” neighboring organs. Always under hormonal influence, they bleed with each cycle, and sometimes cause very severe pain.

Many women hurry to their doctor to finally put a word on this pain: about 3 million French women are affected by this disease. But many ignore or downplay their difficulties, as was the case for a long time with Adeline, who was diagnosed a few months ago. “I heard an ad three years ago on television, and I had an epiphany. I matched exactly

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