Energy vouchers: who is affected by the first shipments?

More than five million households will receive their energy checks between this Wednesday, March 30, the first day of shipments, and the end of April. With an amount of between €48 and €277 depending on resources, this aid comes in addition to the exceptional energy check of €100 granted to low-income households to cope with soaring prices.

► Who is concerned?

The energy check is distributed subject to means testing. To benefit from it, you must have an annual tax reference income (RFR) of less than €10,800 “per consumption unit”. The amount varies according to the composition of the household and its income, 48 to 277 € maximum.

→ VIDEO. How does the energy check work?

For example, a single-person household will receive a check for €48 if its RFR is between €7,700 and €10,800, €98 between €6,700 and €7,700, €145 between €5,600 and €6,700 , and from €194 to less than €5,600.

A simulator is available on the energy check website in order to know precisely which household is concerned and to what amount it is entitled.

► When is it sent?

The first energy checks are sent from this Wednesday, March 30, and until the end of April. The government has specified that the checks will be received between 2 and 4 days after the date of dispatch.

The distribution of these aids is spread out according to the department (the list is published on the Internet). The first concerned are Pas-de-Calais, Nord, Bas-Rhin, Eure-et-Loir, Overseas, Somme, Aisne, Oise, Isère, Corsica , the Gironde and the Ardennes.

► How to use it?

Eligible households do not have to take any particular steps; the energy check will be sent to them automatically. The latter can be used to pay energy bills or charges, fuel purchases or even certain energy expenses used to renovate your home. The energy check can also be used online.


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