England: Alex Morgan leaves Tottenham after only five games played

US striker Alex Morgan has announced she will be leaving Tottenham at the end of the Women’s Super League season one in January. She arrived in England in September, to relaunch her career after giving birth to a baby girl last May, and has played just five matches.

While the NWSL, the American women’s football championship which was to take place from April to October, was canceled due to Covid-19, several American players had joined the ranks of the English teams this summer, including Alex Morgan. The captain of the United States selection then sought a new challenge to get back in shape after giving birth to a baby girl last May. She had landed at Tottenham in September, where she wore the Spurs jersey five times. The striker scored two goals from the penalty spot.

But after this first part of the season, the American striker has decided to return to the United States, where the pre-season of NWSL 2021 is expected to begin in February. The club and the two-time world champion separate on good terms. Heather cowan, director of the women’s section of Tottenham, said in a statement: “We were delighted at the start of the season that Alex chose our club to help him get back into shape and take his first steps in competition after giving birth. It has been a pleasure to have Alex with us during this time and the whole squad has learned a lot by working daily with a top player in women’s football.Morgan’s destination is not yet known, but she is likely to return to the Orlando Pride club, where she played from 2016 to 2020.

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