Enjoy Delhi’s winter without the taste of Delhi, learn about five best dishes

New Delhi During the winter, Delhi shares an interesting love-hate relationship. After Diwali, the temperature starts decreasing here and people face smog. Due to cold weather, people start putting out in warm clothes. Then in the month of December, the capital gets the coldest of the year. The winter season and year-end festival make the month of December special for Delhiites. Many delicious foods are available to eat in Delhi during this season.

Carrot Pudding
Winter season brings red and sweet carrots. Hot Gajra Halwa can be found in all confectionery shops in the capital. If you do not wish to eat outside, it can be made at home too.

Wealth chaat
To make this dessert, milk is kept overnight in soaked drops of ons. This is done for the light and foamy texture that we know by the name of Daulat ki Chaat. The ‘Chaat’ is then served with nuts and dry fruits which makes it more nutritious and tasty. You can take it at many shops in Chandni Chowk.

Eat parathas on the Paratha street or Moolchand Paratha. It has options like Chicken Paratha, Dal Paratha, Mix Veg Paratha. Eating them with pumkin chutney will be interesting for you and it will make your day.

Chole bhature
The enjoyment of eating hot chickpeas in the winter season is different. In Delhi, Chole Bhature is considered as Sita Ram Diwan Chand of Lajpat Nagar and Nagpal Chole Bhature.

If you can eat sugary then Rabri with crispy jalebis or Jalebi with a glass of milk can be a good breakfast in the winter morning.

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