Enjoy your fitness, get married or party fiercely, just try these 5 ways to detox body the next day

What did you do when the wedding season did not fly. People are often worried about fitness while enjoying tasty-yummy foods at wedding parties. But there is no problem in eating very oily or spicy foods. Just keep in mind that on the next day of the party, you detox your body properly, so that harmful substances are removed and extra calories are burnt. Let us tell you 5 very easy ways to detox the body.

Don’t think negative for yourself
If you eat your favorite meal occasionally, then there is no problem in it. Because the problem happens when you eat unhealthy things every day. But sometimes do not blame yourself for having your favorite snack or food in between. Do not get stressed by thinking these things. Because it will give rise to stress and other health concerns. Try to be positive all the time.

Keep a light exercise
You can do light-hearted exercise, running, walking, stair climbing, etc. the next day to burn the extra calories generated by eating the food you like in the party. It is better that you do light exercise every morning and evening, so that your metabolism remains good. Give your body time to recover. You will get stressed with too much exercise.

Drink more water
The next day of the party, drink more water than usual. The more water you drink, the more your body will remove the dirt from the inside in the form of sweat or urine and in this way you will be detoxified. You can also drink cumin or celery water. Or you can include coconut water and fruits in your diet.

Eat plenty of fiber
To detox your stomach and intestines on the next day of marriage, include things with lots of fiber in your diet. Fiber helps you to get dirty things out of your kidneys and intestines. This will also produce good bacteria in your stomach and your body will also work well.

Eat fermented food
If you really want to detoxify your body, then you should eat raw vegetables and fermented foods more and more. For example, include curd, idli and dhokla in your diet. By eating these three, your body’s process of digestion will improve and good bacteria will also be produced.


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