Ethical conflict of caregivers

I’m really scared by the deadly little music that’s been spreading for a few weeks. Little music that is expressed as well in the chronicle of Karine Lacombe of January 18, “Ethical tension among caregivers”, than in the January 21 newsletter. Appalled as a doctor (cardiologist and resuscitator), citizen and simply human being. Caregivers would find themselves faced with an ethical conflict, they would have to make choices against vaccinated patients suffering from cancer or cardiovascular disease because of the attitude of the unvaccinated, considered irresponsible.

Why not dare to say that caregivers would not ask themselves these questions if on the one hand our health system had not been sacrificed on the altar of profitability, and if on the other hand we had favored preventive medicine ( fight against smoking, junk food and sedentary lifestyle) guaranteeing a major reduction in chronic diseases.

Scapegoating has always been easier than tackling the real issues. History has taught us that this attitude has never been a sign of a healthy society.

Jean Pierre Houppe


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