Euro 2021: against Germany, “France can expect a physical fight”, predicts Jérôme Alonzo

The France-Germany meeting which takes place on Tuesday June 15 in Munich, “is the first real shock” of Euro 2021, assured this Tuesday on franceinfo Jérôme Alonzo, franceinfo football consultant. The shadow of 1982 in Seville, where Germany beat France, still hangs over the confrontations between the two countries, except that today “France is a football country which wins and which often beats Germany”, he recalls. But you have to wait “to a physical fight”, he warns.

franceinfo: Is this the first big meeting of the competition?

Jérôme Alonzo: This is the first real shock. Although we have already had great matches. This Euro struggled to get started, but the Netherlands launched it beautifully on Sunday night. Today, we have a match that is already very, very expensive, given the current context around the France team. It is an entry into competition which is already very expensive.

Since Seville 1982, France-Germany have a particular flavor?

Obviously. The Sevilla match is my first footballing emotion. I was 10 years old. I remember perfectly where I was, with who I was, as a family in Perpignan during the holidays. It was a wonderful memory. It’s one of the matches that made me want to do this job. And it’s one of the matches that also made me realize that for me, France-Germany would be different matches. And tonight will be no exception.

But today, France is the favorite. Does that change everything?

In 82, France in football did not win. We were magnificent losers. It is true that this French team at the time made us dream, but it did not have a major title. Today that has changed. Today, France earns at least as much as Germany. The players play in the biggest German clubs too. We have a lot of French players who play for Bayern Munich, for example. So everything was rebalanced. Today, France is a footballing country which wins and which often beats Germany. Everything is reset.

German defender Antonio Rüdiger said it was necessary to “be dirty” against the Blues. Should we expect a physical fight?

He kicked off a little before the game. It’s fair game. Antonio Rüdiger is a player who actually plays very hard. He’s known for that. He was also extremely hard with Benjamin Pavard a few years ago, during a France-Germany. But we know him. He’s like that, he’s cash. Indeed, France can expect a physical fight. On this ground, it is true that we are not the best in the world, but we will have to know how to bring the match elsewhere. Each will play its part, and it is indeed, France and Germany are two teams which have completely different qualities.

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