Euroleague: “It’s exceptional”, exult the Monegasques who will play a decisive fifth match against Olympiakos

AS Monaco did not say goodbye to the Final Four after their victory (78-77) against the Greeks on Friday in their hall.

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Even Kevin Durant finished the match standing. Present in the stands to see his friend Mike James play, the Brooklyn Nets star came to witness the Monegasques’ victory (78-77) against Olympiakos, thus pushing the Greeks to a final match, in Athens, on Wednesday. In its Gaston-Médecin room, pushed by a boiling public, the “Roca Team” held firm and knew how to come back each time the score was against it, to, after a crazy end to the match, win. on the edge against formidable players from Piraeus.

After the meeting, after a communion with his audience and having been congratulated by Kevin Durant, Yakuba Ouattara spoke with great joy at the microphone of La chain L’Equipe: “It’s exceptional, it’s a great evening. It was not an easy match but we expected a match like this. We still have a chance to qualify for the Final Four”, began the Monegasque rear, with a smile on his face. And to add on a complicated match to manage: “Obviously there were doubts at times and we knew they could make us pay cash for our mistakes. But in the end, our talent managed to win us the match.”

It must be said that a major asset was on their side, as it will be at Olympiakos, for the last match with more than 14,000 people expected: “The public has really answered present, the supporters pushed us throughout the match. Now we know that it’s not going to be easy there”, testified Ouattara from the floor of the Gaston-Médecin room. As for the state of mind of the group, only a few minutes after the end of the match, it is already positive for the next clash: “We have to go there ready for the fight.” Appointment is made, Wednesday, with a final shock in Athens and a possible historic qualification for the Final Four, for the players of the Rock.

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