European Union: failure of negotiations for a new common agricultural policy

Talks between MEPs and EU member states on the new CAP, intended to green European agriculture from 2003, will resume in June.

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Will an agreement be found for a new common agricultural policy (CAP) in Europe? Answer in June. After three days of negotiations, the thMEPs and European Union (EU) member states failed to reach agreement on the new CAP, intended to “green” European agriculture from 2023, the European Council announced on Friday May 28. Talks will resume at the next meeting of European agriculture ministers in June.

The new proposal from the European Agriculture Ministers, meeting Wednesday and Thursday in Brussels, was deemed by MEPs still too far from their environmental and social demands: the Twenty-Seven, who had approved the reform of the CAP in October 2020 with a budget of 387 billion euros for seven years, including 270 billion in direct aid to farmers must come to an agreement with the European Parliament to sign an agreement.

The “eco-regimes”, bonuses granted to farmers participating in demanding environmental programs, are at the heart of the negotiations, like thestrict supervision and alignment of national policies with European environmental and climate strategies (green pact, organic farming objectives, quantitative reduction of pesticides, etc.).

“We want to make a deal, but not at any price”, Portuguese Agriculture Minister Maria do Ceu Antunes, who negotiates on behalf of states, explained on Friday. “Farmers should not be buried in bureaucracy (…) We want to reward environmental practices, but it has to be financially feasible”, she warned the German Minister of Agriculture, Julia Klöckner.

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